Orkney - Wildlife


Wild Flowers

Orkney is a superb place to observe wildlife whatever the season. In Summer it is home to many species of birds which breed here, especially seabirds and birds of moorland and wetland. During Spring and Autumn large numbers of birds migrating north to breed or south for the Winter pass through, and often rarities are observed. In addition many species which breed further north stop here for the Winter.

In Spring and Summer the countryside is a riot of colour with the huge range of wild flowers which thrive in Orkney due to the lack of herbicides and monoculture further south. The roadside verges are particularly abundant in Summer. Primula scotica is unique to Orkney and the far north of Scotland.

Many Common and Grey Seals inhabit the coastal waters, while Otters are present, but elusive. Increasingly Cetaceans such as Sperm and Minke Whales, Dolphins, porpoises and Killer Whales may be observed from the ferries.

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